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If you’re looking for a Duradek Vinyl Deck and Roof Membrane distributor in York, Toronto you’ve come to the right place. We’re proud to be a leading distributor of Duradek Vinyl Deck & Roof Membrane, and the best way to get started is by contacting our sales department. Here’s how it works:

James Simpson invented Raildek in 1984. With a strong building experience, he recognized the growing need for maintenance-free outdoor living products and the importance of durable, long-lasting products. A partnership with Duradek seemed a natural progression.

Today, Raildek is the largest distributor of Duradek vinyl and is a proud supporter of the Duradek brand, providing its products to Home Owners, Builders, and Property Managers.

While the company’s history dates back to two generations, its dedication to quality customer service and attention to detail has made it a market leader in the maintenance-free outdoor products market. The company continues to provide quality products and exceptional customer service. It also supports different Home Builders, making it a trusted source for all your decking and railing needs.

Raildek distributes a broad range of waterproof decking products, York, and railing products. It brings the company’s wide range of railing products to various markets. Capital Lumber, founded in 1948, has eight distribution facilities in the Western U.S. and offers its customers customized programs, including flexible delivery options and varied purchasing options.

A vinyl waterproof membrane is an ultimate protection against Mother Nature. Duradek has become one of the most widely used deck waterproofing systems with its exceptional waterproofing capabilities. Its factory-engineered products and expert installation techniques provide the ultimate protection for outdoor flooring while providing an enduring, skid-resistant surface. Vinyl waterproof membranes are an essential component of building maintenance-free deck systems.

The Duradek vinyl waterproof membrane is resistant to various weather conditions and is rated for use in temperatures as low as -40 Celsius. In addition, it can withstand the harshest of temperatures and can be easily removed with a plastic shovel and rock salt. Once the snow has melted, it is cleaned with soap and water, and the sun bakes any chemicals into the vinyl during spring and requires a thorough cleaning.

Distributor for Duradek Vinyl Deck & Roof Membrane

The benefits of Duradek are obvious. The membrane is resistant to the elements and meets building codes for pedestrian traffic. It adheres to substrates with glue and can be installed without edge flashings or PVC-coated flashing. Duradek will not crack or peel, unlike other deck coatings, even in the most severe winter conditions. And because it is fully bonded to its substrate, it does not need to be reapplied or replaced over time.

The Waterproof Vinyl Roof and Walking Deck Membrane give you so much more!

The CEO of Raildek recognized the benefits of long-term DuraDeck performance and identified the relationship with Duradek as a natural fit. Today, Raildek distributes more Duradek vinyl than any other distributor. Its marketing program and strong dealer network have earned the company an exceptional reputation for service.

Duradek is the premium brand of the vinyl deck waterproofing membrane. A trained installer can only install Duradek. To ensure quality, a skilled and authorized Duradek installer is vital. The installation process is crucial for success and durability. So, how do you choose the right dealer for your project? Consider the following factors to find a dealer.


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