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Whether you’re looking to re-decorate your backyard, front porch, or pool deck, many waterproofing products are available at local home improvement stores. Raildek Distribution is the finest choice to protect your deck from water damage. The company offers a full line of products that range from wood to vinyl to waterproofing. Whether you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly product or a durable option, you’ll find the right waterproof decking products Guelph at Raildek.

While waterproofing is ideal for preventing the boards from splitting and warping, it does limit the choices you have when it comes to decking materials. PVC, for example, is completely plastic and does not use any organic material in its construction. It is also waterproof when capped, extending its lifespan even further. But you should be aware that capped PVC products are typically more expensive. Choosing waterproof products will ensure that your deck looks great for years to come.

Aside from having a waterproof deck, other benefits of waterproofing your deck include aesthetics and sustainability. Water can cause many problems for your decks, such as structural weakening, large cracks, shifting, and foundation slipping. Waterproofing can help minimize these issues and add significant value to your property. 

Aside from its ability to withstand weather conditions, waterproof surfaces reduce annual maintenance. In contrast to wood decks, which require extensive maintenance, vinyl decking requires minimal cleaning. In addition, these surfaces are easy to apply, and homeowners can even use them themselves. Typically, these coatings are applied with a roller. However, they do not come cheap, and you can save some money by spreading them yourself.

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