Waterproof Deck Southwest Ontario

Considering getting a waterproof deck in Southwest Ontario? Here are some benefits of waterproofing your deck. Waterproofing your deck will add value to your home!

Considering waterproofing your deck in Southwest Ontario? While it is tempting to do it yourself, hiring a professional is the smartest move. Not only can a good contractor properly prepare the structure to meet local building codes, but a waterproofing expert can do the job without having to hire several different products. A Duradek Authorized Contractor receives extensive training, including single-ply roofing and a combination of trades, including carpentry, concrete restoration, and adhesives. They are also backed by a written warranty and are qualified to install Duradek vinyl membranes.

Another popular waterproofing option is extruded aluminum planks. Extrusions lock together instead of wooden boards and channel water away from the deck perimeter. Aluminum waterproofing solutions are durable and provide long-lasting decking. Moreover, if you have a second-level deck, you should also waterproof the top portion.

Advantages of getting Waterproof Deck in Southwest Ontario

Choosing to have your deck waterproofed can help protect the deck from the elements, which can damage the wood. Waterproof will provide a protective surface for the deck; it will also enhance the aesthetics of your home. Potential renters or buyers will appreciate the extra safety that the waterproofing will provide. And if you have a wood deck, you may opt to upgrade to the fiberglass deck flooring. The good news is that you can maintain your deck with fiberglass.

There are many advantages of waterproofing your deck. Besides saving you money on expensive repairs, it can also keep your favorite plants and flowers from wilting. Waterproofing will prevent rot and dangerous mold from forming on the deck, leading to a host of other issues. Before investing in it, Southwest Ontario homeowners may want to consider waterproofing their deck. The cost is typically low, especially if you have a frequently used deck.

Another advantage of waterproofing your deck is that it requires minimal maintenance. Although you will need to reapply the waterproof coating every five years, it’s an easy and inexpensive task. It’s important to maintain the surface and keep it free of water after applying it. This will protect your deck for many years to come. You can even use it as a walkway, a pool deck, or even a boat!

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If you are considering building a deck on your property, you can save money by choosing to waterproof the area instead of doing it yourself. While you may be tempted to skip this step, our contractor will prepare the structure to not only code but also the substrate. Waterproofing, however, should be left to the professionals.

Our Duradek Authorized Contractor is trained in concrete restoration work. Written warranties back them, and they will be able to install Duradek vinyl membranes only on a professional level.

Whether you have a concrete deck or an elevated parking deck, a waterproof deck coating will protect your investment from the elements. Penetrants with a traffic-specific waterproofing coating will keep your deck dry and safe from stains, water, and chemical damage. The coating is also 100% UV stable and fade resistant, making it an excellent choice for a sundeck or a flat roof. Contact our team now to find out more about this service.

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