Is Vinyl Decking Worth It? Learn the Pros & Cons

Why vinyl decking is best? Not a question but wide-spreading concern every Canadian has in mind while seeking best decking options to keep their home safe all seasons.

Vinyl decking is successful as it ticks all maintenance-free benefits with a distinct opulent look and feel. This is what makes it the best decking material in the market. It has numerous color options, including a lovely wood-grain pattern for rustic themes.

Vinyl decking, also known as PVC vinyl decking, was once a successful competitor to traditional wood decks and composite decking boards. The vinyl decking boards were hollow and had an internal support structure with ribs made of 100% PVC (chemically known as polyvinyl chloride), which gave each board strength.

Now you must be wondering, “Why do architects, and resident owners only look for vinyl decking? For what reasons this decking material has high demand over other decking floors?”

Simple, apart from being waterproof vinyl decking, this material comprise of certain traits that are rare in other decking materials. For instance, less maintenance, no rust, and a longer life span. Here is a detailed look into each factor.

Reasons People Love Vinyl Decking – What Traits Make it best?

  • It takes less maintenance.

Vinyl takes less maintenance than other deck materials to maintain its look and durability. You must quickly clean it a few times a year with warm, soapy water.

Additionally, repairs are typically quick and reasonably priced, even if it is damaged, which is rare.

  • No rot, mold, or mildew

Vinyl decks are waterproof, so moisture that can encourage mold formation and mildew cannot penetrate them. However, wood has a much higher propensity to support mold and mildew. Even the most stunning wood decks can decay because of dampness. With vinyl, you never have to be concerned about this!

  • Prevent slips & Injuries

The waterproof coating used on vinyl decks is slip-resistant. This means you are less likely to slip, fall, and injure yourself by venturing onto your wet deck. Whereas wood and composite decks turn into serious slipping hazards in the rain, vinyl decks keep you and your family safe.

  • Extended life span

Vinyl decking has a remarkable life span of around 15 to 25-year lifespan (wood decks tend to last 10 to 15 years, depending on the climate). As a result, your vinyl deck is a more durable investment in your home and your enjoyment.

As a result, you won’t need to worry about replacing it as frequently as you would with other deck materials or about doing considerable upkeep.

  • Warranty

Another unique benefit of considering PVC vinyl decking is that you are entitled to a specific guarantee to protect your new deck from harm after it has been expertly installed.

For vinyl decks, Raildek Building Solutions provides a 5–15 year product warranty, a 1–5 year appearance warranty, and a artisanship warranty. Alike everything, this deck flooring material also has certain drawbacks. Let’s analyze it more in light of numerous pros and cons.

The Pros and Cons of PVC Vinyl Decking


– Compared to wood or early, non-capped composite deck planks, vinyl decking had some advantages.

– In the sun, their hollow design kept the vinyl boards cooler.

Early composite boards absorbed everything and were difficult to clean; therefore, the upkeep needed for vinyl was significantly reduced.

– The boards were significantly lighter for deck builders, making them easier to handle.


  • The vinyl’s texture was a poor imitation of wood grain; other producers used straight ribbing or even a diamond-plated appearance.
  • Only white, tan, and gray were generally available, leaving very few color options. The hue becomes a duller imitation of what it was originally.
  • The vinyl boards’ PVC swelled and contracted in the sun and the shade, occasionally generating strange noises; the vinyl occasionally creaked when touched.

Because vinyl decking has darker aspects, this material can be chosen for long-term investment. Whether you buy from us, or other competitor brands like Tufdek, careful attention would still be required to keep your outdoor vinyl deck active and well-functioning for coming years.

We have enlisted a few tips for you on how to protect your vinyl deck.

Tips to Protect Your Vinyl Deck for All Seasons

  1. Clean your deck. As Soon As the Leaves Fall

Giving your vinyl deck a thorough rinse is an easy method to prepare it for winter. Owners of vinyl know to do this in the spring to remove any soot from the winter, but if you complete this step before the snowfall, you can avoid staining your deck’s surface.

As the weather is colder, organic things like leaves and twigs accumulate on your deck. Use your hose or a pressure washer to remove these materials, so they are completely gone before they freeze on your deck. If these things aren’t removed, their pigment may deteriorate and leave a stain in the spring.

In the country’s north, it has already gotten below freezing. If you live in this region, use a 24-inch broom to sweep your deck’s surface to eliminate any organic matter. This will significantly help to maintain the vinyl deck’s color.

  1. Only Use a Plastic Shovel for Snow Removal

In snowfall season, you would have already fueled up and prepared your snow blower. Instead of using a metal shovel to remove snow from the area around your porch, you prefer a plastic shovel.

Reason? The metal shovel can damage vinyl, and your deck will be covered with cut marks.

  1. Regularly remove snow from your deck.

The strongest decking material is vinyl since it has been designed to withstand extreme pressure and the moist, heavy snow that accumulates right before spring.

Removing snow from your vinyl deck is essential if you want it to look brand new next summer. Remember, the snowdrifts should not develop on your deck. It cannot be easy to prevent the wind from blowing snow to one side of your deck, but if there is a pile of snow resting on the railing, it could bend. Grab your plastic shovel and clear the snow to be safe.

  1. Eliminate Icicles From the Deck’s Underside

Icicles can form from your home’s roof just as easily as from the sides and beneath your deck. For several reasons, this ice may be hazardous. The icicles are closer to what is below your deck because the deck foundation often sits lower than the roof. It can be your kids or dogs having fun in the snow.

If the icicles get too large, they may chip the vinyl’s surface, giving your deck a worn-out appearance.

  1. Use salt to improve traction

The first step in protecting your vinyl deck is removing the snow. Apply more salt for traction to go the extra mile. This will stop ice from growing on your deck, which could be hazardous for you and damage the surface.

Wood can become weak and deteriorate when salt and moisture are combined. But one of vinyl’s numerous benefits is that salt won’t slightly damage it. Be careful to use animal-friendly ice melters to help safeguard your pet and the wildlife in your neighborhood.

  1. Clean the deck after spring break

Anytime the temperature cross above freezing point, you should clean your deck. A quick wash will eliminate the debris that accumulated in the residual snow and ice, as well as any salt or ice melter you use during the winter. This step is primarily cosmetic, but it’s essential if you want your deck to sparkle in the summer.

That’s it. No painting or staining is required. Winterizing your vinyl deck is simple and greatly improves the way it looks.

We have the best ones if you want quality and durable vinyl decking floors for DIY installation. If you want professionals to install waterproof PVC vinyl decking, we can do it for you. At Raildek, we are always up to cater to your needs.

Come to Raildek – The Best Waterproof Vinyl Decking Builders in Canada

If you approach other reputable decking builders, you will probably get a limited variety of vinyl decking floors, and deck railing materials. But, if you need the luxury to discover a vast range of materials from multiple dealers (required for home infrastructure, including roof membrane, to flooring and deck railing items), Raildek can be your best decision.

 Raildek is the supplier of the railing distributor and leading PVC waterproof decking and aluminum railings. We provide a dealer network in Scarborough, Ontario, and across Canada, that can supply and professionally install these products at your home or cottage.

Not only this, but we also take pride as a supplier of DURADEK waterproof outdoor flooring and STAR System aluminum railings –two of the finest outdoor decking products on the market today.

The main benefits of approaching Raildek include the following;

  • Industry-leading 10-year warranty
  • Permanent, attractive waterproof protection
  • Long life expectancy can be re-coated in the future.

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