Aluminum Waterproof Decking Products Railing Southern Ontario

In Ontario, Canada, we are the provider and distributor for Duradek Vinyl Deck & Roof Membrane and S.T.A.R. Powder Coated Aluminum Railings. We have a dealer network across Ontario that can provide and install these products properly at your home or cottage.

DURADEK waterproof outdoor flooring and S.T.A.R System aluminum rails are two of the best outdoor decking products today, and Raildek is delighted to be a provider of both. These maintenance-free outdoor flooring and aluminum railing provide our customers with two of the best outdoor living options. Both products are of high quality, offer great value to consumers, and are built to be enjoyed and last.

Looking for an affordable, low-maintenance alternative to wood or wrought iron railings, look no further than an aluminum deck railing in Southern Ontario. Available in various colors and styles, the aluminum railing can add a finishing touch to your deck while adding value to your home. Think of it as a custom frame for your outdoor living space. Raildek Distribution, a leading aluminum decking and railing company can help you find the perfect match

Whether you are planning on building a new deck or looking to cover an old one, Duradek waterproofing products can provide the protection you need. With Duradek, you can rest easy, knowing your deck will be completely waterproof. These waterproofing products are extremely durable, resulting in a long-lasting waterproofing system. Moreover, Duradek waterproof deck products can also be applied directly to another coating such as paint or stain. Find a dealer today.

Raildek waterproof decking membranes offer many benefits. These waterproofing systems are durable, slip-resistant, and feature enhanced UV protection. It is a North American-made product ideal for decks and other surfaces, including walkways, balconies, and even boats. Besides decks, these membranes also protect a home’s interior from mildew and other contaminants. Due to their durability, they are great for use in marine environments.

While traditional wooden decks may be expensive waterproof composite decking products, require less maintenance. Waterproof composite decking is a great option if you live in a humid climate, and added features like swimming pools and hot tubs are just as damaging as humidity and weather. Despite these benefits, it’s important to take the time to find the right waterproof deck products for your home. It won’t only protect your investment but also keep it looking great for many years.

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Outdoor aluminum powder coated patio deck railings

Powder coating is an environmentally friendly method of finishing outdoor aluminum items. Manufacturers typically waste only a small amount of water during the coating process, with the rest going to wastewater treatment facilities. They also do not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making them safe to use. The powder coating process also includes numerous quality control checks during pretreatment and once the part has come off the production line. This prevents the metal from flaking and peeling.

Aluminum is a soft metal, which makes it prone to pitting. As it ages, it will rust and rot. It also requires yearly maintenance and repair. The good news is that powder-coated aluminum doesn’t require annual or monthly maintenance. Plus, it has a 25-year warranty! These advantages alone make aluminum an ideal choice for many people’s decks. It also offers more flexibility during installation.

The largest builders in the country are currently using outdoor aluminum powder-coated railings with great success, providing years of maintenance-free outdoor living.

Powder-coated railings are easy to maintain, and there is no need to reapply the powder coating. Unlike painted railings, the process requires little or no maintenance. While fresh paint will make your aluminum deck railing look presentable for a while, it won’t have the same longevity. Instead, consider powder coating. If you choose this option, you’ll be glad you did. 

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